Building wildfire resiliency in the communities throughout Minnesota's Arrowhead region.

Understanding Oshkigin Spirit of Fire (Panel Discussion)

Understanding Oshkigin Spirit of Fire

A discussion with Vern Northrup and Damon Panek

What's in a name? The meaning of Oshkigin - 1:30 min

Historical suppression of Indigenous culture 10:50 min

Impact of fire suppression policy on transmission of cultural practice 12:45 min

What is Cultural Burning? 13:25 min

Consequences of not burning historically 16:28 min

Climate change and fire 18:39 min

Building prescribed fire capacity 22:08 min

What goes into planning and implementing a prescribed burn? 30:28 min

Prescribed fire liability and risk vs. perceived risk 36:39 min

Tribal sovereignty and treaty rights 47:19 min

Continuity of traditional cultural practice 48:06 min

Collective relationships to place 49:36 min

Prescribed fire as an act of resistance 50:51 min

Understanding "the gas can scene" 52:10 min

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