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The Life and Times of Red Pine 3 of 4 : A short biography for a patient observer of forest history

This story takes place at the University of MN Cloquet Forestry Center located on the Fond du Lac Band of Lake Superior Ojibwe reservation. This is ancestral lands of the Anishinaabe people who stewarded this land for hundreds of years before Euro- American colonization. The story map was produced by Lane Johnson and Kyle Gill from the University of MN Cloquet Forestry Center.

Learning the story of Red Pine No. 3: 

In the summer of 2021, the last tree of the four pines, reserved from cutting 111 years prior, succumbed to a mix of stressors. We will just call the cause of death "old age" for simplicity, though the 2021 drought, bark beetles, and fungal infestation likely played a part. In November 2021, two partial wood cross sections were collected for dendrochronological analysis. Here is the story we have learned from this tree through examination of her annual growth rings.

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  • Lead AuthorLane Johnson, Kyle Gill, and University of MN Cloquet Forestry Center
  • DateFebruary 2023

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